2005-2006 UNC Wilmington Studied theoretical mathematics, linear programming and statistics. (but the only real viable skill learned here was problem solving)

2004-2005 Pfeiffer University Bachelor of Science (BS) Mathematics and Computer Science

2000-2003 Lees-McRae College Mathematics

What to expect

I love a challenge. 

I'm a firm believer in the AGILE Methodology and prefer to let developers work where and how they are most comfortable. After 14 years in this industry building software for anything from mom and pop shops to being an integral part of a small team transforming some of the largest insurance companies in the world, my experience has shown me that when you hire the right people (intelligent, with skills and motivation) and allow them to work comfortably you will find the innovation, problem solving abilities, and loyalty that has been missing from your team. Your over all cost will be drastically reduced because you will be able to work a few people that accomplish a lot instead of a lot of people that can accomplish little. This model often increases the value you are offering your customers as the quality of your product is increased.  I take pride and ownership in the products I help build.

  1. Team building and Sr. leadership by example.
  2. Versatile. Will work in multiple languages at once. (leaning towards server side development with the most expertise in Java) 
  3. Architecture and design of scalable java solutions
  4. Custom Second Level Caching Solutions
  5. Cache Eviction Algorithms
  6. Implement Performance Testing and Performance related solutions using MultiThreading and thread pools
  7. Connection pools and JVM optimization techniques
  8. Implement Load Application and Database Load Testing
  9. Enterprise Webservices
  10. Mysql Sharding using  Hibernate ORM  and Custom Connection Providers
  11. RSA Encryption
  12. Data Security
  13. Multi-tenant, distributed data solutions
  14. Distributed transactions, distributed data grids
  15. Asynchronous client connections, web sockets
  16. Strong linux/unix skills

Just because something is not listed doesn't mean I haven't been exposed to a concept.  This list is more targeting fellow developers than hiring managers.  I learn quickly and I'm very adaptable.

Difficult Problems

Companies looking to harness technology face an ever changing market and might be confused by this industries ever growing  vernacular of buzzwords. From cloud computing and search engine optimization to omni-channel and reactive design, these terms often distract from the real business, marketing and work flow challenges we are facing. 

What I am passionate about is finding solutions to real problems, architecting an application design that will withstand that Black Friday weekend without performance degradation or even worse outage, and doing all this for the least amount of money possible leveraging an open source stack.

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